SLOW Lounges are designed for the traveller.
The thoughtfulness behind the offering is what makes each lounge exceptional and distinct from beginning to end.


SLOW is passionate not only about what is served on the buffet tables, but also how and why it is served. Renowned for the delectable presentation, preparation and selection of appetizers, SLOW Lounges are in a category of their own. Eats are not designed to simply “fill a hole”; instead each dish is skilfully prepared with the latest tastes and food trends in mind.


To complete the banqueting experience, Winesense provide an innovative way to offer guests the finest selection of reds and whites on tap.


A signature blend exclusive to SLOW. This medium-light roast exhibits a moderate, sweet acidity balanced with a creamy mouth feel and subtle notes that are sure to please the most discerning palates.

Horizon Bar

Inspired by the ultimate governor of time – the sun, Cape Towns’ Horizon Bar signature cocktail mimics the colour of the sky; from an electric aqua colour at midday to an orange and brown hued creation at sunset.


Enjoy the unisex private marble washroom facilities housing a full marble vanity area, touchably-soft cotton hand towels and luxurious Asprey London appointed soaps and creams.

Private Marble Washrooms

SLOW Lounges have aligned with Asprey London as the perfect accompaniment to a refined washroom experience, designed to soothe the body and mind.

Shower Facilities

Design forward, marble accented showers allow guests to achieve total relaxation before boarding.

The Loo with a View

Take in the vistas of an awe-inspiring mountain range, rising against an endless blue sky from the loo at SLOW Lounge Cape Town International Airport.

Jacket Steaming

SLOW Custodians offer a complementary jacket steam pressing service to ensure that guests arrive at their destination with their professional image intact.


Communal work areas provide a space to work, with the advantage of full connectivity in the form of free unlimited Wi-Fi and strategically placed plug points.

Power Sockets

International power sockets are in abundance for recharging phones and laptops. The lounge stocks spare chargers if required.

Wi-Fi Internet

Stay connected. Guests have free access to Wi-Fi Internet and the option to work on the latest Samsung Galaxy workstations.

The Media Centre

Each Media Centre houses three TV screens broadcasting the latest news, business, entertainment and sporting content, keeping guests up-to- date from the comfort of their chairs.


The SLOW Lounge is a space that affords even the busiest people an opportunity to slow down and escape the ticking clocks of business and travel, even if only for a moment.

The Sanctuary

Retreat from the world in The Sanctuary, a quieter space with high back seating where one can cocoon for a quiet conversation or watch the comings and goings of the airport operation.

The Living Library

The library contains a selection of books to enjoy, but libraries are meant to grow, so please remember to donate a book on your next visit to SLOW.

Amani Spa Treatment Room

Find tranquillity in a sensibly formulated range of complimentary 15 – 20 minute treatments and services ensuring the ultimate rejuvenation.

The VIP Room

The VIP room affords Air France first class passengers and selected qualifying FNB and RMB Private Bank cardholders the opportunity to enjoy a private setting with enhanced services to match their travel choices.